Back in January we brought news that Falcom’s JRPG Tokyo Xanadu would be releasing in Japan in September, however at the time we didn’t know what platform the game would be coming to, until now.

The latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation has revealed that Tokyo Xanadu is a PlayStation Vita exclusive and have also announced some new details on the game. The first two characters have been revealed as Kou Tokisaka who is the main protagonist of the game and Asuka Hiragi, more details on each can be seen below:

Kou Tokisaka (Protagonist) – A 17 year-old second year high school student. Though brusque in his mannerisms, he’s not unfriendly towards others and is an archetypal modern day student all around. He uses a sword whip and specializes in mid-range attacks.

Asuka Hiragi – Kou’s classmate. She has an attractive face and figure, quick reflexes, gets excellent grades, and is class president. Though on the outside, she looks like a typical heroine… She wields a one-handed sword and specializes in close combat.

The game takes place in the modern day world and in an alternate dimension, in the modern day world players will attend school and a shopping district, actions performed in these areas will trigger events in the alternate world where players will defeat enemies in labyrinths using weapons known as Soul Devourers.

Japanese Vita owners who are interested in the game will be able to grab themselves a Tokyo Xanadu theme from February 26th on the PlayStation Store.

  • Oliver

    So Falcom is also working on another Ys title, as well?

    • Buckybuckster

      Yep. It’s actually for both Vita and PS4. I believe the current title is Ys Next.

      Another JRPG from Falcom for my little ole Vita? Sign me up pronto! Hopeful for a TIMELY localization. Like before I die for instance!

  • Nonscpo

    While I’m glad it’s coming to the Vita, would it kill them to set it in a college? Instead of dating the awkward girl in class, I think Id rather date the stripper.