A new media app has unceremoniously arrived for the Vita. Snagfilms has recently launched their app for both the PS Vita and PlayStation TV.

Snagfilms is a video streaming service much in the same vain as Netflix, Hulu, and Crackle only with much less content. The movies and TV shows available are centered more around documentaries and obscure films that you probably won’t recognize.

The service is free but supported with a number of ads throughout each video. The quality of the stream is also not as high as what Netflix provides, though this seems to vary from one video to the next.

The app is free and the service is free. It is also compatible with the PSTV.

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  • Buckybuckster

    So let me get this straight. We are getting rid of Music Unlimited (which for some strange reason had an update break a week ago to improve features.. say what??), the Vita’s only music app, and adding another Video Streaming app that has less content than the others that are already available. And before I forget, no hint of anything to take the place of MU.
    Granted, it’s was not the best music service, but it was the only thing Vita users had.