Japanese video game developer Marvelous AQL has announced new details for its upcoming rhythm game, IA/VT Colorful.

The first-print copies of IA/VT Colorful will include compilation album “IA/03 Vision” consisting of five songs, reversible cover-art, and a code for the “Gothic Fashion” in-game costume.

The songs included are:

  • Sunday Minami Park – Ishifuro
  • Promenade – Monaca:Factory
  • Doukoku Kyuuketsuki – Yasuhiro
  • Shinigami no Guitar – Potential 0
  • Uragiri Module – Utata P

You’ll be able to unlock more costume as you venture your way through the color-driven game that’s being lead-developed by Kenichiro Takaki – the man behind smash-hit Senran Kagura. IA, the game’s lead character, and stages will be able to be decorated.

The costumes that have been announced include:

  • Official
  • Casual (designed by Akasaka Aka)
  • Choir (designed by Akasaka Aka)
  • Party Dress (designed by Akasaka Aka)
  • See the Lights set (x3)
  • Pajama set (x3)
  • Jersey set (x3)
  • Diva set (x3)
  • Stage Idol set (x3)
  • Lolita set (x3)
  • Kimono set (x3)
  • Punk Rock set (x3)
  • Nekomimi Maid set (x3)
  • Liberal Arts Girl set (x3)
  • Winter Scarf set (x3)
  • Wedding Dress
  • Kawaii set (x3)
  • School Idol set (x3)
  • Cyber Elf set (x3)
  • Street Dancer set (x3)
  • Dance Lesson set (x3)
  • Summer Dress set (x3)

A video showcasing a level from IA/VT Colorful has also been released, alongside new screens:

IA/VT Colorful is set for a June 25th release date in Japan. There is currently no word on a western release date, but rest assured, The Vita Lounge will be here to break anything and everything IA/VT Colorful related.

Are you excited to import it, or are you waiting for a local release? Tell us in the comments!

  • Lester Paredes

    Ooohhh… pretty dresses.
    Also, the game looks very nice. Hopefully, all their videos that play during the songs are as nice.