Fair Play Labs is set to bring their side-scrolling action game Color Guardians to the PlayStation Vita this Spring in North America, and we’ve got the details.

A successful startup which has blossomed via the Sony Developer Incubation Program in Latin America, Fair Play Labs is a Costa Rican sourced development team which has also put out Boss! for Vita – a port of their earlier title Wackylands Boss! on another platform. 

Claudio Pinto from the studio has taken to the PlayStation Blog to describe their new title, Color Guardians – his introduction for the game is as follows;

“In Color Guardians, you play as the three Guardians, Rod, Lia, and Grock, as they race through their worlds to restore the stolen color. It might look at first like a regular side-scrolling action game, but there’s a couple of twists to the gameplay: not only do you have to dodge and jump incoming hazards, but you have to switch between three lanes while doing so, hopping in and out of the background and foreground. If that weren’t tricky enough, you ALSO have to switch your own color on the fly to match yourself with pick-ups and objects in the world. People who tried it at PlayStation Experience described it as being an “Ikaruga-style” game, which is a pretty fair (and flattering) comparison.”

Does that sound like it might tickle your fancy?

Check out the trailer here;

…and some promotional art for the red and yellow characters as well;

Color Guardians is due to hit PlayStation Vita (including PlayStation TV) April 14th in North America, and has been confirmed to be cross-buy with the PlayStation 4 version.

A European release has not been detailed.

  • Lester Paredes

    Looks cute, but I generally don’t like auto-runners. I’ve only cared for Jet Pack Joyride and Bit.Trip Runner. Maybe this’ll be the third… I dunno. All I know is that I’m frothing at the mouth for Helldivers and I can’t see anything else at the moment.

  • freddy