Earlier this week we revealed that Falcom’s upcoming game Tokyo Xanadu would be a PlayStation Vita exclusive launching in Japan in September, since then, Falcom have been ramping up the games advertising campaign by launching the games official website as well as some details on the upcoming JRPG.

First of all, the website reveals the games prologue, which gives us the first proper details on the games story, check it out below;


17 year-old Kou Tokisaka is your everyday high schooler who lives in Morimiya on the outskirts of Tokyo. On his way back from work one late night, though, in an old part of town, he finds himself caught up in a certain “incident….”

Meanwhile, having returned from overseas and transferred into school in April, Asuka Hiiragi is an attractive girl with an affable, friendly personality who’s made for a popular class president. That doesn’t stop her from getting caught up dealing with a group of brash delinquents who try to take her somewhere, though.

Catching sight of this, Kou follows them off to a back alley. It’s there that he’s met with the sight of a beautiful, yet horrifying space, as well as that of the delinquents practically eaten by an indescribable monster known as a Greed.

And then from thin air emerges “her” pulling out a blade that shines a blue light….

Kou Tokisaka

“…Dammit, just when I’m done with work, too.”

His parents are spending an extended period working overseas, meaning that he lives alone starting that spring. Unaffiliated with any school clubs, he helps out at a number of part-time jobs and in spite of his personality on the face of things, when he sees someone in trouble, he’ll stick his neck out to help them, which is known to land him in trouble, as is the case when he sees Asuka that fateful night. His weapon/Soul Device (see below) of choice is the sword whip “Anchor Gear,” which can also be thrust forward when attacking.

Asuka Hiiragi

“I’ll say it one more time. Don’t go inside any more than you already have.”

Asuka is Kou’s classmate and a returnee from the US. Though she has the treasured trifecta of good looks, great grades, and superb reflexes and is well regarded and trusted by her fellow students, it’s all merely an act. In reality, every night, on orders from an organization in possession of Soul Devices, she investigates incidents related to the Other World.


Greed are creatures that wander the labyrinths of the Other World, their true identities unknown. Coming in a variety of types, shapes, and sizes, they don’t, however, grow and reproduce like normal living creatures; they’re instead believed to be extradimensional spirits, possibly the creation of someone. Normal weapons from the real world are ineffective against them; only Soul Devices can hurt them.

Soul Devices

Special armaments that those with ties to the Other World can manifest. Possessing myriad possible forms, no two Soul Devices are alike. Specially made up of spirit particles and materials from the Other World, it’s effective at dealing damage to the Greed, as normal physical attacks otherwise do little to them.


An Eclipse is a phenomenon where the real world and Other World overlap at special Gates. Due to something going on in the real world, the Other World appears in the form of labyrinths where they house the Greed. Normal people remain unable to recognize it, relegating stories of it to the realm of things like unsolved mysteries, unnatural disasters, and urban legends.


Popularized around a decade prior to the start of the game, Xiphones are personal information terminals that, like smartphones, also have communication capabilities. They’re additionally capable of tapping into social networks and have games, which have made them hugely ubiquitous. Perhaps most importantly of all, they can provide synchronized verification of their owner’s physiological data, which can be used across a variety of services and security systems that are in development in the game’s world. Unlike real smartphones, though, they have a mysterious gear below the screen that makes them stand out.

Also revealed on the games website was some of the first in game screenshots of Tokyo Xanadu, as well as screens of a theme which will be available to download to Japanese Vita owners on March 5th.

For more information on Tokyo Xanadu stay tuned to The Vita Lounge.


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