Bandai Namco has recently released new details, artwork and the first teaser trailer for its upcoming dungeon crawler RPG, Ray Gigant.

Gematsu has laid out the initial details of the game below;


Near future, June 20XX. In every city throughout the world, giant monsters known as Gigants appear.

Military resistance from each nation ends in wasted effort, but in Tokyo, one boy is able to defeat a monster. His name is Ichiya Amakaze. To do this, the boy used an unknown power called “Yorigami.”

But after defeating the Gigant, the boy’s power runs wild—and in the end, the city is destroyed and the boy loses consciousness. But one young man saves him and transfers him to a safety zone.

Three Heroes

Ray Gigant’s story is told through separate chapters containing the stories of the following three heroes:

– Ichiya Amakaze (voiced by Atsushi Abe) – A 15 year-old Japanese boy who stands at 175cm in height. He’s a wholesome and fine young man who grew up in an ordinary suburban family. But when Tokyo is destroyed, he has his awakening.

– Kyle Griffin (voiced by Wataru Hatano) – A 17 year-old British boy who stands at 180cm in height. He was born to a distinguished family and is very intelligent. But he was not blessed with the love of his mother, and grew up to have a twisted personality.

– Nil Phineas (voiced by Yoshino Nanjo) – A 16 year-old girl of unknown nationality and who stands at 165cm in height. She is naive and simplistic, but is also trained in Gigant warfare. She works each day almost as a vigilante to protect the various islands of the Caribbean Sea from the Gigants.

Comrade Characters

Each of the chapters will have two comrades that will accompany said chapter’s hero. The first two comrades of Ichiya Amakaze have been revealed:

– Mana Isano (voiced by Rumi Okubo) – A nice and caring girl and the childhood friend of Ichiya since elementary school. They currently attend a Tokyo junior high school together.

– Miwa Kazuomi (voiced by Takuya Eguchi) – A serious young man that Ichiya can rely on. Early on in the story, he even opposes against Ichiya, but after understanding his true strength and suffering, they become close friends


The enemies that Ichiya and company fight are known as Gigants. Each Gigant is designed after an ancient god beast. From huge bosses to weaklings, there are Gigants of all types. Their true identities are that of alien invaders from space. On Earth, they’re trying to eradicate human civilization and life.

In addition to the wealth of information provided above, Bandai Namco and Experience have also released a teaser trailer, screenshots and even some artwork that can been seen below:

Ray Gigant is scheduled for a Summer 2015 release in Japan, with no word yet on localization for the West.

  • Ichigo Yoite

    This looks actually pretty interesting. O_O

  • Phelan

    The sad thing is that… it seems that nobody really want this game to be localized.

    I’ve been saying for quite some time, you want something than be vocal about it! On few gaming sites I wrote that I created thread on Bandai Namco UK forum asking about this game. And pretty much nobody gives a damn. I know that there are 99.99999% of chances that what I am doing won’t have any positive effects…

    but god damn it, at least I try

    If people won’t start being vocal than it will be sure that this game will never be localized. Even 1 or 3 voices sometimes are enough to bring great tide of changes.

    So again… guys be vocal. Why not start asking on USA page of Bandai Namco?