Side-scrolling action-platformer Shadow Blade: Reloaded has been announced for release on PlayStation Vita.

Shadow Blade: Reloaded is about a man named Kuro who seeks out the teachings of the final Ninja Master, so he can become the Shadow Blade. The game contains 7 chapters, spanning 60 different levels where you slice, sliver, and ricochet through obstacles to reach your goal.

Originally released on iOS and Android, Shadow Blade has evolved into Shadow Blade: Reloaded, an enhanced version of the game that includes “Hardcore” and “Master Class” duplicates of each level – fit for those who have taken their skill to the next level.

It also comes with extra content in its PvP Race Mode, where you race against three other ninjas to see who is the fastest ninja alive, and a level editor, to let your imagination run amok.

Here is Shadow Blade: Reloaded’s trailer:

No release date was announced by developer Dead Mage, so be sure to check back with The Vita Lounge for more information regarding Kuro’s adventures.

Are you looking forward to Shadow Blade: Reloaded’s debut on Vita? Let us know in the comments down below!

  • Lester Paredes

    Well, that looks cool. Hopefully, it’s fun.