A Dengeki PlayStation interview with Yosuke Futami – the producer of Sword Art Online: Lost Song – has given us a ton of new information on the series.

Here are the key points taken from the interview;

  • Lost Song won’t be as dark as previous Sword Art Online games.
  • Game-original Rain will come into play midway into the story.
  • Although Seven isn’t very skilled at the game, she is still the leader princess of the Shamrock guild.
  • Shamrock has gameplay guides from the game’s real-life.
  • Agil will be playable, and was chosen over Eugene.
  • Affection Level no longer exists, but events are prompted by specific character combinations.
  • The game has been in development since Hollow Fragment was in development as well, and therefore is not a sequel.
  • The Hollow Fragment sequel that Futami wanted to make if the game sold well was teased.
  • While Futami recommends to hold on to your Hollow Fragment save file, he confirms that it will not match up with Lost Song’s, as they are different games in spirit.
  • Using magic is simpler.
  • Seamless battle transitions are confirmed.
  • The previous talk of maps being 16km were false and confused with a different game. Maps are squared and 1km each; but there are tons of islands, and the world is still big.
  • Expect a twenty-to-thirty hour story that can last longer with harder quests and raising.
  • Raising remains similar to previous titles. There is no leveling up, only rising your skill strength.
  • Big updates will come after launch. Players can also expect weekly updates and for the updates/downloadable content to be free.
  • Strea will be in the game without context to her past. Wants to give her a story down the line.

Sword Art Online: Lost Song is an Action-RPG with an original story that explores a new Alfheim Online area, called Svart Alfheim.

Lost Song will be released later this month on March 26th in Japan. A Western/European release has yet to be announced, but consdiering how well Hollow Fragment sold in 2014 and Lost Song’s trademark, we could hear official word sooner than later.

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