Japanese Free-to-play game, Judas Codeis to end it’s service on July 2nd, developer tri-ace has revealed. The developer said in a statement that we have reached the conclusion that it is difficult to offer and maintain a service that the user would be satisfied with.”

Registrations for the free-to-play title will cease on March 26th while in game gem selling will end one week later on April 2nd. For those who are unaware of what kind of game Judas Code is, it’s a dramatic RPG that features card game battles and third person shooter elements.

Have you ever tried Judas Code if you have a Japanese PSN Account? Let us know in the comments on your thoughts and if the shut down will be affecting you.

  • somethings

    never played it tbh

  • Buckybuckster

    Eh, I think this is less about offering quality service and more about their new owners cutting tri-ace’s ties with anything console/handheld so all their efforts can be fully directed to making mobile games. Uggggg…..