Tokyo Xanadu is an upcoming JRPG from Falcom set to hit Japanese Vita’s in October, we’ve had a significant amount of news since the game was announced as a Vita title and now we can share with you some new screens and information on the games protagonists.

A new bunch of information, which comes from a press release from Falcom offered us the following information:

Kou Tokisaka
“…Dammit, just when I’m done with work, too.”

Tokyo Xanadu

A 17-year-old second year student at Morimiya High School. Though brusque in his mannerisms, he’s not unfriendly towards others and is an archetypal modern day student all around. His parents are spending an extended period working overseas, meaning that he lives alone starting that spring.

Unaffiliated with any school clubs, he helps out at a number of part-time jobs and in spite of his personality on the face of things, when he sees someone in trouble, he’ll stick his neck out to help them, which is known to land him in trouble, as is the case when he sees Asuka that fateful night.

Asuka Hiiragi
“I’ll say it one more time. Don’t go inside any more than you already have.”

Tokyo Xanadu

Kou’s 17-year-old classmate and a returnee from the US.

Though she has the treasured trifecta of good looks, great grades, and superb reflexes and is well regarded and trusted by her fellow students, it’s all merely an act.

In reality, every night, on orders from an organization in possession of Soul Devices, she investigates incidents related to the Other World.

A new batch of screenshots has also been released, check them out below:

Tokyo Xanadu has the majority of The Vita Lounge team excited so hopefully we’ll get word of a localisation in the near future, if it happens, you’ll read about it here!

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    Looks cool.

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    Instantly reminded of Persona.NEED!