Falcom has revealed new information about their upcoming Vita release of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Evolution, including news of a incoming Japanese demo.

That’s right folks, a release window for the demo was revealed as late March – meaning in less than three weeks you should be able to get your Trails on provided you have access to a Japanese PSN account.

As for the additional information about the game, we got word on a few of the changes being made for the PlayStation Vita version of the game;

  • New AT Bonuses Added – In addition to HP Recovery and Critical, “Zero Arts” and “Bad Attack” AT Bonuses have been added.
  • Auto Battle System – An automatic battle mode has been added. During automatic battles, target selection, movement, and general attacks are carried out in a series of automatic animation, which progresses the battle faster.
  • Fast Forward System – Even when the player is in direct control of their characters, you can hold down the X button for the battle to progress faster.

Also revealed were new screenshots and renders of characters Cassius Bright, Josette Capua, Nial Burnes, Dorothy Hyatt, Professor Alba, and Aina Holden – as well as a look at the game’s enhanced Arts & Craft effects and other important gameplay aspects.

Check those out below;

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Evolution is due out in Japan later this year.

  • Almir Alves Pereira

    An enhanced Vita port of the first game? I bought the PSP version a couple of months ago 🙁

    • Buckybuckster

      You should be good. You will have viewed the ending credits long before we ever get the localized Vita ver. it there is to be one. I should have picked up the original myself when PSN had it on sale a few weeks back.

  • Cheeb

    This looks great. What’s the actual story about the game at this point? Isn’t it a PSP game being released on PSN?
    And is it definitely coming westward?