At E3 last year it was revealed that Disney Infinity 2.0 would be coming to both the PS Vita and PSTV in addition to the other consoles. John Vignocchi, also revealed that this release of the game would be just like the PS3 version and not a stripped down game like what the Nintendo 3DS had. What we didn’t know was when the game was released (other than the vague release time frame of Spring 2015).

Well, now we know.

The day after we had prodded Panic Button Games to reveal the date to us, John Vignocchi once again took to Twitter to confirm that Disney Infinity 2.0 will be coming to the Vita on May 15. This lines up with a comment made during a presentation at the PlayStation Experience in December where Adam Boyes brought up the fact that it was to be expected by mid-May.


The PS Vita version of Disney Infinity will also include the exclusive black suit Spider-Man figure. This gives Vita owners something special for this release of the game (as well as incentive for collectors to also pick up a copy). The starter pack will also include a bluetooth base with space on it for one character and one play-set piece. The Spider-Man play-set crystal piece will be included in the set along with the Assault on Asgard and Escape from Kyln game discs.

There has not been any mention of the official price yet, but Game in the UK is currently offering pre-orders and have priced it at £49.99. Hopefully this is just a placeholder until the actual price is revealed.

  • Karl Smith

    Looks like a European date to me. May 15th is Friday.

    • Szponix

      Yes, this is probably European date 😉 Premieres are often on Fridays

  • Lester Paredes

    Nice for the fans. I played it on Wii U. Found it boring. The figures are still cool, though.

  • JanDXFan

    Please tell me it’s getting a US release?!

  • Steve Jaworski

    Ohhhhh yes!

  • Buckybuckster

    PS 3 quality at a cheaper Vita price. As for why this hasn’t happened more often is a complete mystery to me. But when it does, it’s awesome! Hope Vita owners get behind it. Maybe we will get 3.0 at the same time as other systems.

    Speaking of 3.0, me and the guys at work are betting it’s going to be all about Star Wars with Disney owning the franchise and the upcoming movie. That would be major even for non-gamers as I’m sure the SW fanbase would be highly interested in the figures. Could cause an issue with native characters in toy box mode. Don’t know how keen Disney would be with Donald Duck carving up Mickey with a lightsaber. Would be kinda funny ‘tho!