It has been announced that developer Galat Games (of Magica Wars: Zanbatsu fame) has been working on a new free-to-play idol training game for the PlayStation Vita called Venus Project.

Set to release in Japan in April, the game will task you with training idols and competing in performance battles against other idols as you guide them on their path to becoming the number one idol. You will be able to raise your ‘Idol Power’ with support characters and items (including micro-transactions), which will work to your advantage when in battle.


The game’s story has also been detailed and is as follows;

‘In near future Japan, worldwide news terminals and video technology have seen massive growth, and everybody is enthusiastic about a new form of entertainment.

“Formula Venus.”

Commonly referred to as “F-V,” this new form of entertainment sees select top-tier idols pitting their strength, skills, and all of their experience into live performance battles to see who among them ranks as the best.

The dramatic story of Venus Project sees a group of girls who get tickets to the titular Venus Project aiming to become the best idols themselves, throwing themselves into intense battles, working and fighting hard to attain victory even amidst friends.’

The game will use a card and command input system, with the versus-style battles you take part in ultimately deciding the popularity of your budding idols.

Developer Galat has revealed information, quotes and an image for three of the idols, with more set to be revealed in the future. Check out the trio below;


From left to right:

  • Karen Takano (voiced by Ami Himesaki) – “I’ve got an ace in the hold attack prepared! You better be ready!”
  • Mitsuki Sarashina (voiced by Rui Tanabe) – “Your singing won’t last until the end. Two seconds before entering melody B, you’ll fall off the stage.”
  • Yuu Kashima (voiced by Ruka Nemoto) – “Oh, Karen, just in time! Hehe, look! This scone’s in the shape of a kitty cat!”

A comic, anime and live events for the game are also in the works, with a full schedule announced by the developer which gives us an idea of what is in store for Venus Project;

  • March 21 and 22 – Anime Japan Expo 2015 Exhibit
  • April 21 – Venus Project released for PS Vita; Free web comic begins serialization
  • April 26 – Game launch event at Yakult Hall in Minato, Tokyo
  • July – Venus Project TV anime begins broadcast (six 30-minute anime episodes + six variety show episodes)
  • October – Real event; radio broadcast

Last but not least, the official website for the game is also live, so if you fancy a further look at this free-to-play title you can check it out here.

Although there has been no word of a Western release for this free-to-play game, keep an eye on The Vita Lounge for all the Venus Project news you will need!

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