Koei Tecmo Games have announced that you’ll be able to sample the demon slaying delights of Toukiden: Kiwami before it’s release thanks to an upcoming demo set to launch a week before it’s US and 2 days before it’s European release.

Players will be able to sample the games edit mode and create their own demon slayer as well as play through the first two chapters of the game in what is known as ‘Introduction Mode’. There will be a second mode included in the demo known as ‘Special Missions’,  which are essentially a batch of special missions created for the demo which have a high difficulty rating to keep players interested until the game releases.

Completing the special missions will allow players to start Toukiden: Kiwami from the Kiwami section of the game upon it’s release as well as unlock new costumes for characters which will be transferrable to the full game upon it’s release.

A new trailer has been released alongside the demo announcement, which you can watch below…

…As has a new set of screenshots, check them out below.

The demo for Toukiden: Kiwami launches in the US on March 25th and in Europe on March 26th, let us know if you’ll be picking up the demo in the comments below.

  • EndRant

    Can’t wait for this, gun be awesome.

  • Lester Paredes

    Screen shot images aren’t loading for me. Oh well. Video works, and it looks beautiful on PS4. It’s no slouch on Vita, either. Hopefully, it’ll work with Vita TV like the previous iteration does.