Sleeping with one eye open is essential in this world of mistrust.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog ATLUS have revealed that their RPG Lost Dimension will be heading to PS Vita and PS3 in the west this summer. Lost Dimension was originally released in Japan in August last year, and features an intriguing story where your foes may be much closer to home than you think.

The aim of the game, as is the case with most games, is to defeat the final boss. The Big Boss. You play as the main protagonist of SEALED, a group of physically gifted warriors, and you act as commander. After battles you will meet with your squad back at base camp, where you will talk to each individually to get a better understanding of the sort of person they are. But there is an ulterior motive to your talks, as one of your team is a traitor and as well as your daily battles, you will have to play detective. By talking to each of your team you will find clues which will hopefully help you to correctly identify the culprit. Once you think you know, you must end their life of treachery with the most severest of punishments – Death. Get it wrong, and your end game will not play out so well.

Each playthrough is unique, as the traitor is randomly chosen each time. In a typical RPG way you will be constantly levelling up your team members to make them┬áthe strongest they can be. But this won’t matter at all if you choose incorrectly, as all your training and levelling up will come crashing down around you.

Check out the trailer below, as well as some screens from the game itself:

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  • Lester Paredes

    YES! I was hoping for this.

  • Buckybuckster

    The localizations are coming fast and furious!