New screenshots also revealed for the upcoming Tactical RPG.

In a recent press release, developer Marvelous revealed details concerning the Combat System for Luminous Arc Infinity, which is currently in development for PS Vita.

The first piece of information we have is for the Calling System:

Players can produce what is known as “Calling” during combat, if their player starts to Sing. Characters inside the “Calling circumference”, or “Ensemble Ring” can see everything from their normal attacks to art effects buffed, which is a critical key to victory. Ensemble Rings can even overlap and resonate with each other thus making them stronger. A Solo can turn into a Duet, Trio or Quartet with good planning.

Lapis Burst

Singing is a big part of Luminous Arc Infinity, and it can be used to fully swing a battle in your favour. After building up your magic reserves, the heroines of the game can sing as a means of unleashing their Lapis Burst Art. This is a particularly strong art within the game, and can obliterate the opposition instantly. If it is used in tandem with the characters favourite weapon then they will be even more powerful.

Battle Rings

As should be of common knowledge for any RPG fan, the more a character contributes in battle, the stronger they will become. Heroines sent out into battle in Luminous Arc Infinity can receive bonus XP depending on the results from each battle. So it is worth picking your favourite and sticking with them to make them as strong as possible!

Check out some new screenshots below which give you an idea of how hectic battles will be in game:

We await a release date for Luminous Arc Infinity, but you can bet that TVL will be on hand to provide you with all the latest news when we receive it!

  • Buckybuckster

    Pretty much a given we’ll be seeing this come west. Nice visuals!

  • Sebastian

    F***!!!! I had no idea this existed! No wonder I don’t spend a lot of time on the bigger gaming websites. Man, I really hope this gets an English translation! Vita! Vita!