Summon girls from your smartphone in new visual novel adventure title.

A new brand has be unveiled in this weeks Famitsu, known as “Pure Wish“. It was revealed that this new brand will focus on the production of gal games, a genre based around titles that include attractive anime-style women, with the target audience being heterosexual men. In the same article, a new game in the gal game genre was announced from Pure Wish, titled Song of Memories.

The game involves a mysterious virus which only infects women. The infected see themselves as “a new breed of human” and attempt to take over the world. The story resolves around the protagonist and the games heroine, who has suspicions over the origins of the virus.

Though primarily an adventure game, there will also be RPG-style battles where you can summon the five girls from the mobile game Dream 4 U. The image below shows the five girls you can choose from to assist you:


We also have details of a few of characters who will appear in the game:

Kanon Hiiragi

Kanon was a very weak child and even though she is shy, she shows compassion to everyone she meets. She has a tragic past, losing both her mother and father early in her life. Her mother, who was the developer of the “DreamUnit” became infect by the virus that the game centres around. With her family gone, she relies totally on the protagonist of the game.



Yuno Wakatsuki

Born into a rich family, Yuno grew up without any major obstacles in her life. She is the star of the gymnastics team, but she is also an introvert. Her biggest fear is being disliked by others, meaning she acts ‘meekly’ around people she meets. Her father is Japanese but her mother is Swedish, and she is over shadowed by her younger brother, who others see as more “well-rounded”.


Akatsuki Tabunoki

A researcher who is dedicated to finally stopping the virus once and for all. She is originally from a poor village, which was wiped out by an unknown virus. Thanks to her boss who helped her through university, she is now an agent at the International Medical Institution.


Development for Song of Memories is currently only at 15% completion, and the game is slated for release in Spring 2016 for Japan. Keep checking back to TVL for all future news on Song of Memories!

  • Lester Paredes

    That sounds interesting. I’d play it, but it’ll probably never come West.