Want to dress your characters in costumes in Persona 4: Dancing All Night? Then you’ll need to earn currency in game to buy them.

Famitsu gave us some screenshots of Yukiko Amagi and Naoto Shirogane in battle, and completing levels and dances will net you money that you can spend to get your characters new costumes.

More story details were also announced, including details that at the end of Persona 4 Yu (The protagonist) and Naoto left Inaba, but they have returned to reform the investigation team after a mysterious event happens in the TV world.

In the changed TV world the ability to directly attack your opponents has been removed, so attacking your enemies by dancing is the only option available to you.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night hits Vita in Japan on June 25th and will release in the US later this year, when an exact date is announced we’ll be sure to let you know here on The Vita Lounge.

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