When the PlayStation TV launched last October one of the biggest criticisms levied against it was the lack of media streaming apps. Apps that were already available for the Vita were oddly missing. That situation has changed slightly now that Hulu Plus has updated their app to version 1.04 which brings with it official support for the PS TV.


Hulu Plus started working on the PS TV a few weeks ago without comment or fanfare from PlayStation. Now with this new update, the app has been tweaked further to provide an even smoother experience with the device.

Netflix is still notably absent, but with the addition of Hulu Plus the entertainment options for the PS TV have increased dramatically. It joins Crackle, Crunchroll, and SnagFilms as well as QELLO HD Concerts to provide a good lineup of viewing options. This is in addition to videos which can be rented or purchased from the PSN Store, including the new PlayStation exclusive, Powers.

And as a friendly reminder, the PS TV supports Bluetooth media remotes which work great with the Hulu Plus app.

Anyone who is interested, Hulu is currently offering PlayStation users a free two month trial of the service (which you can cancel at any time). The service runs across all the PlayStation consoles as well as tablets, phones, and computers.

  • Nonscpo

    Thank you Hulu!!!

  • Lester Paredes

    Hulu do what Netflix don’t.

    Not sorry.