After shutting down the MLB 13: The Show servers last November, Sony’s at it again (and quicker) with the next MLB title in sequence.

According to HardcoreGamer (who cite Sony), MLB 14: The Show online servers will no longer be accessible across all PlayStation consoles and versions as of June 18th Рonly just north of fourteen and a half months after release on Vita and PS3 (The PS4 version coming later on May 6th).

Just last year they pulled the same move on the previous game; just twenty months after MLB 13: The Show‘s release it too was “shut off” from the online servers, with the title launching in March of 2013 and including online play until November of 2014.

Is this becoming a trend for sports games – just shut the online off shortly after the new one releases to make the audience buy the new one (which is likely to be nothing more than a roster update)?

If so, I think it’s time for a revolt; pitchforks and torches anyone?

  • Somethinz

    Really? Wow, so u buy the game at launch just to have the servers shut down after 1 year? brilliant