Update – the competition has now closed and the two winners are Piotr. N (lejdixd) and Solvangman805 (solvangman805)! Congratulations, your codes will soon be sent via PSN message!

It’s been a little while since we have given away something on the website as our giveaways have been on the forum so we thought it was long overdue that we gave something away here and thanks to our friends at eastasiasoft we can do just that!

This week saw the release of Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype for the Vita and Will got to grips with it, and you can check out his thoughts here.

If you fancy winning a copy of the game all you have to do is post your PSN ID and region (NA or EU) in the comments below and we will select a winner from each region after the competition closes. It’s that simple!

Competition Rules
You must have either a NA or EU PSN ID and may only enter once
If you are associated with The Vita Lounge you may not enter (sorry!)
The prize is either a EU/NA code for Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype (which also includes the launch DLC)
One winner from each region will be announced after 11:00 GMT on Saturday 21st March 2015.

There will be additional chances to win over at our Facebook page this weekend, so if you don’t already, stick a “like” on there and keep your eyes open!

Many thanks to eastasiasoft for the codes!

  • Luke Lohr

    NA PSN: InsipidGhost

    Thanks for covering and supporting Vita!

  • Kezz182

    PSN (EU): Kezz182

    Cheers for the opportunity, and keep up the great work, guys!

  • Si Andrews

    EU PSN: grounded_dreams


  • Dmitry Rublev

    EU PSN:prosoda-ru

    hope …

  • superbacon HD

    NA PSN: Malkavilis

    fingers crossed!

  • Vorador

    EU PSN : Lordvorador

  • Devocalypse

    EU: DEV-0xFA
    All the best. Kudos for keeping the Vita alive.

  • Kiryuu Ixl

    NA: Kurumi-CN

  • Sethuna

    EU PSN: TheFallenAngel03
    Good luck to everyone !

  • Danny Silvester

    EU: danny2kd

  • Victor Mirsky

    NA PSN: yurismirsky

  • Daniel Mohamed Lopes

    EU: dany197
    Good Luck guys!

  • Роман Шмелёв

    EU: AxelFray

  • Nonscpo

    Not participating, but as always wishing everybody best of luck!

  • ChocolinoR

    EU: ChocolinoR

  • Rejokal

    EU: Rejokal

  • Piotr N.

    EU PSN: lejdixd

  • jordan

    NA : sonicfuzzmunki

  • Duo Maxwell

    PSN ID: DSveno.

  • Ale

    EU: AleTFP

  • Devin Hudson

    NA PSN: RockgamerXIII

    Thanks for the giveaway, and good luck everyone!

  • Buckybuckster

    NA PSN: buckybuckster
    Thanx to the Lounge for another great giveaway! Good luck peeps!

  • Jhonatan Carneiro

    NA PSN: JhoCarneiro

  • Vytautas Vaiciunas

    EU: Vytautas20

  • Glósóli

    Glosoli_2353 NA

  • SarcasticPersona


  • Sony

    NA PSN: limitless71

  • Kusengai

    EU: Kusengai

  • dlosnkl


  • EndRant

    NA: EndRant
    Good luck everyone!

  • otaku_no_bfm

    NA: otaku_no_bfm

  • NA: willster98

    Love the site guys, long time reader

  • Patrick Wilson Vetsch

    EU PSN: jehuty_2174

  • Karl Smith

    EU PSN: supersmith2500
    This game looks awesome btw.

  • Neil Nottingham

    EU PSN: NelMaNo

  • CaptainSpaceCat

    Worth a punt.

    EU PSN: CaptainSpaceCat

    …but don’t stalk me.

  • Solvangman805

    Na psn Solvangman805 hope I win.

  • Timberman

    Eu psn Timberman80 😀

  • Lugee

    Damn too late? 😉

    EU PSN loogee *ggggg*

  • VoodooTrumpet

    VoodooTrumpet (NA)