Visual Novel Ayakashi Gohan is being ported to the PS Vita by Honybee in Japan. It was originally released on PC in 2014.

HoneyBee’s official website summarizes what to expect from this Otome game. Translation can be found here;

“In a certain village, ayakashi (monsters) and humans coexist. In a corner of that village is a shop, Ponpokorin, which both humans and ayakashi visit for a delicious meal. The shop owner is a youko (mythical fox spirit) that takes human form, and its seven-year-old son helps it to cook those tasty meals.

“Everyone can be happy if they can have a delicious meal,” was the youko’s creed.

One day, as the hot summer ends and the harvest of autumn approaches, a lone girl enters the youko’s store. From that moment, the story begins—a heart-warming story of ayakashi, humans, and delicious meals.”

Check out the screenshots below;

Although it will be released later this year, there is no set release date, but have no worries as The Vita Lounge will be here to cover everything regarding Ayakashi Gohan.

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