Senran Kagura: Estival Versus is due to release next week in Japan, and ahead of its launch, we’ve been given more details as to how the PS Vita version will differ from the PS4. As expected the performance will not be as great, but it seems that for the most part the experience will be very similar.

Marvelous Tweeted out the following table that highlights all the major differences.



The resolutions will obviously be different with the PS4 running at 1920×1080 while the Vita will display at its native 960×544. The frame rate will also be different with the PS4 pushing out 60fps and the Vita holding back at 30fps.

The PS4 will also hold an advantage when it comes to the number of players available in a multiplayer match. The Vita will have four while the PS4 can have up to ten. There will also be a difference in how many enemies will be displayed on the screen at a time. The PS Vita will have  fixed enemy count displayed, even if there are more waiting to fight. They will remain invisible until there is room for them on screen. The PS4 meanwhile will display all enemies at the same time.

Most of the remaining differences come from the controls. The Vita will rely on its touchscreen to directly interact with the characters while the PS4 has many of those functions mapped to the R3/L3 buttons.

The content for both versions will remain nearly identical however. Both will have the same number of costumes and the same ability to tear away skirts.

Where the Vita does manage to edge out the PS4 in its ability to control the camera during sexual harassment situations. The Vita has it, the PS4 doesn’t.

The fine folks at Gematsu did a great translation of the full table for further details.

Senran Kagura: Estival Versus Game Differences
Platform PlayStation 4 PS Vita
Resolution 1920×1080 960×544
Frames Per Second 60 30
Max Number of Players Online 10 players (four players also possible) Four players
Online Matching PS4-only Wi-Fi-only when matching on Wi-Fi, and Ad Hoc-only when matching on Ad Hoc
Touch Controls By pressing L3 and R3 at the same time, you can pseudo touch with the “Osawari Hand” Direct touch support
Amount of Enemies Displayed All enemies displayed on screen Fixed number of enemies displayed on screen (some may be present, but not visible / susceptible to attack)
Controls Same as PS Vita (alternate control schemes also available), with the DualShock 4’s touch pad acting as substitute for PS Vita’s touch screen PlayStation TV supported, alternative to touch controls also available, Inochigake = R + Triangle, Unison Flying Ranbu = R + Circle when the green ring appears
Locker Room – All the same, outside of some differences
Platform PlayStation 4 PS Vita
Changing Clothes All the same
Vertical Display
Skirt Peeping (Gyro)
Skirt Tearing
Pre and Post-Tenshin Clothing Settings
Equippable Accessory Slots 10
Number of Favorite Sets that Can Be Saved 30
Costume Color Variation 5 Per Costume
Maximum Points of Simultaneous Touching 2 Points (1 per hand) 2 Points
Scenery Selectable illustrations and models
Number of Savable Diorama Scenes 15
Touch Controls Slap (Also done by holding L3 or R3) Tap (Immediately triggered upon pressing on the screen)
Massage Controls Press L2 or R2 at varying amounts to determine pressure Tap and slide across the screen
Camera Controls During Sexual Harassment ×
Diorama Mode Up to five Shinobi Up to three Shinobi


  • pimlicosound

    “Camera Controls During Sexual Harassment”

    Because without camera control, those sequences are just awful.

  • Lester Paredes

    Sexualized harassment. That makes me cringe, as the game is a fun Musou style romp otherwise.

    • Nonscpo

      Don’t cringe otherwise the PC police will want to censor this game, artist must be allowed to express themselves creatively, even if we can’t understand there supposed genius. But yeah I would have worded it differently, especially in today’s moral panic outcry culture.

      P.S. If you really want a good laugh then check out this Senran Kagura trailer:

      • Lester Paredes

        Oh. My. God. That was amazing. lol

  • Nonscpo

    In all honesty we all knew that the PS4 port would be better in general compared to the PSVITA port, not that it matters, as I personally prefer the portable experience 🙂

  • leingod

    As long as it looks as good as SV, I’m sold.