HuneX has announced that visual novel/adventure game Tokyo Onmyouji will be making its way to Vita later this year in Japan.

Originally released on PC in 2014, Tokyo Onmyouji will be coming to Japanese Vitas in Q4 with additional scenarios and the traditional touchscreen control operation makeover. HuneX is also reportedly planning to add additional features to the game such as a clock, alarm clock, voice notes and mini-games.

But what’s the game about? We look to VNDB for the answer;

19-tokyo-onmyouji-v-edition-2A.D 2013. Shinjuku, Tokyo.
Japan has been recognized for its Onmyouji business.
World War II ended without Tokyo ever experiencing the Great Air Raid.
The days are a mixture of the old and new.
Within everyday life that should have been filled with peace, there were repeated cases of magical beings causing harm to the people. The selected countermeasure to this was a branch of faith on which the ban has only just lifted– that was the Onmyouji.
A world that is beginning to be swallowed by chaos.
Hollow souls wander and drift about in Tokyo.
It is confirmed that the majority of magical beings negatively influenced were once humans.
Why are humans turning into magical beings? The true form squirming behind in the darkness is…
A strange phenomenon that occurs in this land where many thoughts cross paths.
The solution is connected to the path to truth.

Sound interesting?

Check out the first screens below;

Tokyo Onmyouji is set to release sometime during Q4 in Japan – are you excited?

  • Nonscpo

    Not my type of game, but I’m sure somebody out there wouldn’t mind seeing a localization.