With that release date approaching in the Land of the Rising Sun, we get a glimpse at some Limited Edition content with the release of a brand new trailer.

The PlayStation Vita revision of the game is set to include two new heroines, lots of new events scenes, a brand new opening and ending, and additional elements not found in the original and/or tailored specifically to the Vita version of the title.

It’ll be available in Japan just over two weeks from now, launching at the price of 6000 yen for the digital download, 6800 yen for the standard physical copy, or 8800 yen for the limited edition physical version.

As for what the limited edition of the title will contain, the new trailer is here to answer that question – mostly by showing off the vocals from the music CD that will ship as an included item.

Included songs shown in the trailer are;

  • Flower!!
  • Flowering Bride
  • Evergreen
  • Cattleya, Moon Flower Ending (translation)
  • Bon Voyage!
  • Chunlan, Cymbidium Ending (translation)
  • Seroshia, Amaranthaceae Ending (translation)
  • Blooming!!

Check out the Limited Edition teaser trailer below;

At the end of the video they note that a special box as well as a B2-size tapestry (poster) would be included in the Limited Edition, along with the “Vocal Collection” CD the trailer focuses on.

A screenshot of the LE breakdown is below;


Originally released on PC in 2013, Hyakka Ryouran Elixir: Record of Torenia Revivial is due to hit PlayStation Vita systems April 9th in Japan.

Are you excited for all that romance? 😉

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    OMG that flyer, that flyer!