Warning: Though straight from Marvelous, the contents of this story are completely fictional.

Following the introduction of their “Head Mount π-Play” device in July, Marvelous’ Department of Hyper Enormous Boobage Development has introduced its latest innovation with “Pizap: Shake Your Body & Soul.”

“When observed closely, we found that a sense of realism does not emerge when there is a lack of lateral swaying,” said bakunyu (exploding breasts) designer Tamio. “So we use a servo motor to control both vertical and lateral swaying.”

“We developed this product while being conscious of users having something hot pent up inside of them, and wondering exactly how to let it out.”

To use the Pizap, players run on a motor belt, which is positioned in front of a bikini-wearing mannequin, causing the breasts on the mannequin to jiggle in unison with the on-screen video game character. The technology allows the user to feel even real wind and vibrations.

“Do you ever start to salivate by looking at a dried plum?” bakunyu commentator Hisashi asks. “Through this invention, by having the user’s visual image orders issued directly to the feet, as a result, this can lead to possible encounters, falling in love, and even marriage. In other words, become a state of ‘Popular Guy.’”

The effects of this new device leads to better mental and physical health, allowing 25 percent of men to extend their lives… according to some doctors whose statements we do not have on record.

Watch the reveal video below.

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