Two new texture packs are now available for Minecraft on the PS Vita. The Mass Effect Mash-up Pack and the Pattern Texture Pack are now available for purchase.

The Mass Effect Mash-up pack brings the world of Mass Effect 3 to Minecraft and gives players a number of new themed textures to build with. It also provides 36 new character skins and 22 new music tracks. The pack costs $3.99 and is cross-buy across all the PlayStation consoles.


Also available is the new Pattern Textures pack which brings a colorful world of… well, patterns as well as cute little knit animals. This one retails for only $.99.


You can take a look at the picture gallery below to see what else these two new packs have to offer.


  • Lester Paredes

    The Mass Effect mash up is, as of now, not cross buy. I bought it on my PS3 and then went to download it on my Vita and there’s nothing. The pattern texture pack, however is cross buy.

  • Lester Paredes

    For some reason, it says trial in my download list. But unable to download using a ps Vita.