The latest update for Minecraft on the Vita and other PlayStation platforms, and as always it brings with it a wealth of fixes as well as additional content.


While many of the bug fixes are minor tweaks, the real content in the update is that it allows for the new Mass Effect Mash-up Pack and the Pattern Pack. Players can now recreate their favorite buildings from the Mars Facility while battling off Reapers in the world from Mass Effect 3. Or they can build worlds out of colorful and stylized patterns.

Here’s the full list of changes and additions.

Changes and Additions:-

– Added Pattern Texture Pack trial content.
– Added Mass Effect Mash-up Pack trial content.
– Fixed issue placing Pistons, Dispensers and Droppers.
– Added Quick Move to the Horse Inventory.
– Made some fixes to player privileges.
– Corrected Baby Zombie hit boxes size.
– Added “Where are we now” Music Disc in Survival Mode.
– Fix for a bug where a Chest didn’t disappear when destroyed.
– Fix for player sometimes taking fall damage while in a boat.
– Fixed an issue where a player’s wolves could teleport to them when they were in a boat, and kill them.
– Updated Lapis Lazuli block texture.

– Fix for intermittent split-screen problem where players and mobs went invisible.
– Fix for a split-screen crash after prolonged gameplay.
– Fix for an issue causing client players to hang when creating a Wither.
– Fix for graphic corruption with Red Stone Comparator.
– Fix for a crash when a player is fishing.