Sony have announced that a new update for the PlayStation Vita will hit tonight (25/3/15) and will bring with it a few neat little changes to the handheld.

Most noticeably will be the additions available to remote play features, with firmware 3.50 adding support for games to run at 60fps with remote play.

Also included with the new update is some new accessibility options, while these haven’t been announced yet, the PS4 will also be getting similar features in it’s next update such as colour blindness support and button remapping, so perhaps the new Vita update could also get these features.

We’ll be sure to update this post when the official change list is announced, so stay tuned to The Vita Lounge for when that hits.

SOURCEPlayStation Blog
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  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    I like it when you guys point out what the update features, but on the not-so-bright side, we also know what it takes away from us.
    I just hope sony doesn’t make my GPS-enabled Vita to become an useless feature.
    They can remove Maps because it came already installed on the handheld, but they can’t remove the Youtube app. It was installed by the user, so this entitles THE USER to remove it, not sony. Also, I’ve received a lot of “You found a Game Good” near Warnings twice a day, at least, for the last three weeks, give or take. I’ve also experienced trading in-game items on Assassin’s Creed: Liberation and Ragnarok Odyssey Ace like never before (It works great!!). I guess I’ve experienced near’s swan song. In other words, near will be missed. Too bad it wasn’t supported, but I take it was because of sony. It really helped when you got to receive a super-rare item like a 5-stars card in Ragnarok Online from someone who’s collected tons of it and bothered to give it away. It added something to the overall gaming experience. But then, again:
    Great ideas, bad implementationsā„¢

    • Lester Paredes

      I’ve actually been using YouTube via the browser since I heard they were dropping the app. It works fine. Better, in my opinion, than the app. There are no ads (just like the app, which was the thing I was most concerned with), full access to your play lists, all the usual options, just arranged differently… it’s basically the mobile phone version of YouTube.
      They don’t have to remove the app from your Vita, though. They just remove it from the store and disable the program on Vita.
      I agree with you on Near… I don’t think anyone knew how to implement that properly.

      • freddy

        Well… I’m really disappointed about this.
        I’ve tested also the HTML 5 version, and I still think the app is superior, in terms of speed and features.
        But we have no other option so what is the point of complaining, If I could chose, I would definitely go with the app.
        But as my grandma used to say, colors were invented because of different tastes.
        Not to say you are wrong… I just disagree šŸ™‚

  • BDawg

    I just downloaded this update and now when I put my Vita to sleep it completely shuts itself off after a few moments.

    May want to hold off on this update until it’s fixed.

    • I recommend a full power cycle (turn the Vita off fully, then back on – not standby). I’ve been using my Vita with 3.50 on and off for 3 hours with 0 issues.

      • BDawg

        Thanks for the advice but that didn’t fix it.

        I notice after a while in sleep mode the Playstation button starts flickerng blue then goes solid blue before going off completely. That is exactly what happens during a full normal shutdown so seems it’s shutting down properly.

        In your 3 hours have you let your Vita spend a couple of minutes in sleep before trying to wake it? If I press power but wake the Vita again before too long has passed it wakes up normally. It only shuts down when I let it sit. šŸ™

        • My Vita has been on since the update and I haven’t had a single occurrence of my Vita shutting itself off – have you tried a database rebuild or resetting the settings to default?

          • BDawg

            Yes, I tried rebuilding the database. I also tried another memory card, and then restoring the system to factory settings. The problem persists.

            Maybe it is hardware related since I don’t see anyone else reporting this problem. Unfortunately I’ve had my Vita for 21 months so it will be out of warranty. :/

          • Damn, that’s not good dude – are you sure your power button isn’t sticking? Holding power for 30 sec shuts the Vita off without a prompt.

          • BDawg

            Good suggestion. I gave the power button a jiggle and it doesn’t seem to be sticking. Also I counted and judging by the PS button light it started shutting down after only 13 seconds.

            I have brought up the issue on the Playstation Forum:
            I will contact tech support and hopefully get an answer there.

          • Very odd. Good luck with the forum/support!