Romantic visual novel will make the jump from PSP and PS2 to everyone’s favourite handheld.Idea Factory have revealed that Beastmaster and Price: Snow Bride (Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama in Japan) will be heading to PS Vita this June. Originally released on PSP and PS2 in 2011, Snow Bride is an enhanced, or fandisk, version of the original¬†Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama game which falls into the Otome genre (a story based game targeted at a female audience).

There are three parts to Snow Bride, which has a fairytale setting. The protagonist Tiana has to make up her mind as to who will be her +1 at Kurt’s castle soiree. The plot revolves around what happens with each love interest after that night. There will be bonus dairy entries for each character including omakes (bonuses) of scenes that have taken place. Perhaps the biggest and most exciting addition for us PS Vita owners is the addition of an interactive section where you can use the touch screen to tickle and pet the heroes.

Beastmaster and Price: Snow Bride is set to release in Japan on June 11th and will retail for around 7344 yen (¬£41/$61). Still confused? Then you’re in luck as we also have a trailer for the port which you can watch below.

Also, why not check out the gallery below which gives you a better idea of the artwork, and all the lovey dovey stuff that will take place in the game: