The Visual Novel will make the jump from PC to handheld in June.

The PS Vita is home to a whole host of engaging and fascinating visual novels, and our favourite handheld will soon welcome a new title to the fold. Developer Giga have revealed that Harvest Overlay Eroge will make its way onto Vita from PC on the 25th June in Japan.

The game is set in the near future, where technology is so advanced almost everything has been digitalised. The game centres around gaming fanatic Makito, who hasn’t been excited for a new video game in a long time… Until he receives an invitation to become a part of a new augmented reality game called Harvest Onreal, which is the newest title from the Cymell Corporation. As is the case with almost everyone, Makito stupidly doesn’t read the user agreement for the game, and soon realises that he is unable to exit the game.

Along the way Makito teams up with fellow game lover Lilia, a Napoleonic upperclassman Komachi, Yuuka a transfer student already aquatinted with Makito and Sumi, who is Makitos younger sister.

A limited edition will be released for the game, and will include a 2-disc original soundtrack. An estimated price for the this version is 6458 yen (£36/$54). Still confused about the whole concept? Then why not check out the original trailer that was released last year prior to Harvest Overlays PC release.

For all future news on Harvest Overlay Eroge, and its impending PS Vita release, keep checking back to TVL.

  • Nonscpo

    Oh I remember reading about this yesterday, it’s supposed to be like SAO…if it were an eroge! Given that’s it’s on Vita we can expect all the 18+ content taken out, still would be great if it were localized though, you know for the story 😉

    • Aristides

      What are the chances of Manga Gamer picking up the original PC release and snowballing onto Vita (via them or another pub that licenses the script)?

      That would be wonderful X3

      • Nonscpo

        Doubt it, Mangagamer deals exclusively with PC titles, I don’t think they have the connections with Playstation to make that happen. Your best chance is to petition Sekai Project and Denpasoft to get both over here. However I would hold off until they fulfill there Kickstarter promises of releasing the Grisaia trilogy, World End Economica Episode 1, and Fault Milestone One onto Vita first!