New feature allows you to create your character (almost) however you like. Bandai Namco have recently revealed details on customisation for the upcoming Sword Art Online: Lost Song. Although options are limited, it gives the player a chance to create a character different from the standard Kirito and friends character models.

There are nine different races to choose from, and you can change your characters hair style and colour, skin colour and voice. Interestingly, the customisation can also be used in single player, as well as multiplayer, but no matter how your character looks the story will progress as if you are still Kirito.

Check out the nine different races below:


They can hold one handed weapons, such as daggers, swords and staffs. It can use magic that can debuff enemies and special skills to aid adventurers. 




This races speciality is attacking, with the ability to hold both two-handed and one-handed weapons. Perfect for close combat and fire-type magic.


SAO-LS_Dengeki-Shot_03-14-15_010-280x398Don’t let this races cute appearance fool you, they can certainly pack a punch. This is the only race that can use the special ‘Song’ power and they can wield staffs, daggers and bows. The image below gives you an idea of how a Pooka character will look in single player:





The perfect race for having all abilities in the balance, as they can use physical and magic powers with ease. They can wield katanas, one-handed swords and staffs as well as specialising in dark-type magic.

Cait Sith



This race is the only one to have the ‘Beast Tamer’ ability, meaning they are able to summon familiars to the battlefield. They can wield knuckles, daggers and bows. Check out the images below to see summoned familiars in battle:




Specialising in wind-type magic, Sylphs are strong in both physical and magic attacks. They can wield rapiers, daggers and bows.




One of the strongest races in close combat, with high stamina and attack powers. They can wield two-handed axes, swords and knuckles. They specialise in earth-type magic.




This race is perfect as a vanguard to a party, and can also bestow support effects to allies. They can wield staffs, spears and two-handed axes.




This race is best at providing support for a party, as they specialise in recovery and water magic. This race can wield one-handed swords, staffs and bows.

We were also given new screenshots which showcase the ‘sub-episodes’ which will appear in Lost Song. Check out the gallery below for all the new images.

Sword Art Online: Lost Song was released today on PS3 and PS Vita in Japan, and we await news of a western release. Keep checking back to TVL for all the latest news on Sword Art Online!