That streaming app for Twitch and UStream viewing on Vita has been updated to version 2.00, bringing with it some useful new features.

Live from PlayStation has just recently received a ~5MB update, bringing the app to version 2.00 on the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV. We’ve got the changelog for you below, and it’s a bit of a big one;

Live from PlayStation 2.00

That’s right Loungers, you can now view streams in a specific language or for a specific game – meaning that finding the stream for you has become a much easier task.

Refresh those live screen tiles and grab that update guys, it’s another step closer to perfection. 🙂



  • ruefrak

    Finally. Being able to sort the streams by game made the PS4 version actually usable. I’ve been waiting for the Vita version to get updated as well.
    Now if we can just get the PS Now subscription service on the Vita, all will be good.