Weekly Shounen Jump magazine has revealed new information about the upcoming Tokyo Ghoul spinoff title Tokyo Ghoul: Masquerader.

According to the latest issue of Japanese magazine Weekly Shounen Jump, Tokyo Ghoul: Masquerader is set to be a game with its own story and protagonist – though they’ve also noted that the protagonist will have some sort of relationship with the main character from the anime/manga Kaneki Ken.

Tokyo-Ghoul-Masq_03-26-15This new protagonist will be named “Rio” and will become key to the story as he pursues his older brother’s kidnapper – but don’t worry about the character simply being a tacked on one, as both Rio and the story will be developed by Tokyo Ghoul manga author Sui Ishida.

Also noted in the magazine is the fact that the game will allow you to explore Tokyo’s twenty-three districts in an adventure / RPG style setting, with relationships between the protagonist and the people met in these districts having an effect on the final outcome of the story.

That’s it for now, and yes we’re still without a release date – but you can be sure TVL will be keeping an eye on Tokyo Ghoul: Masquerader news (me especially) as it develops further.