Two new updates for God Eater 2: Rage Burst have been detailed, the first bringing crossover content to the title and the second bringing Operator episodes.

The v1.10 update will launch prior to the end of the month (it’s unclear if that’s the 30th, or the 31st), and is set to bring with it both Assassination Classroom and Tokyo Ghoul content.

We get masks modeled after Assassination Classroom‘s Koro-Sensei’s various expressions, a character hairstyle that mimics Kaede Kayano’s, and Kunugigaoka high school uniforms;

As well as some Tokyo Ghoul collaboration pieces in the form of Kaneki’s and Shuu Tsukiyama’s masks;

As for v1.20, it’s set to introduce new Operator episodes. While Operators are normally only there to help out by providing support during missions, the v1.20 update will bring operations that literally revolve around them. Characters featured in Operator episodes will be Hibari Takeda, Teruomi Makabe, Urara Hoshino, and Fran de Bourgogne.


More updates on v1.20 are to follow as more information is released, but don’t forget to grab v1.10 when it hits in the next two days.

  • Nonscpo

    Yay now we can slay Aragami’s in our school uniforms… (stating it sarcastically).

  • Colton K

    We already try to Assassinate our alien teacher in them so why not.
    P.S. Hyped for Toukiden Kiwami in a few days.

    • It’s not released yet at your area?? I’ve gotten it a few days ago and so far it’s awesome 🙂

      • It’s not out in North America ’til Tuesday.

        • Ahhh… Well this is awkward.

          • Colton K

            Haha nothing to be awkward about man. Awkward would be spoiling a major plot point during your last post. Something random like “I can’t believe (insert major character here) died like that.”