The debut title from Argentinian developer OPQAM will be cross-buy on PS Vita and PS4.
New details for Project Root have been unveiled via the PlayStation Blog in a post from developer OPQAM. The game is the developers take on the ‘Shoot ’em up’ genre, lovingly refered to as SHMUP, but will have an added twist in the fact the title will include free-roaming.

In Project Root you play as pilot Lance Rockport, who along with rebel group Arcturus, must stop world-leading energy corporation Prometheus who have been ruthlessly expanding their influence around the world. You’ll pilot your advanced fighter through intense battles against enemy aircraft and tanks, dodging missiles and destroying every enemy in sight.

The ability to free-roam around the map adds an unique spin on the genre, and although it gives you a much wider universe to explore, you will be looking over your shoulder constantly as attacks come from any and every angle. Of course along the way you will be aided by power-ups and the ability to upgrade your ships defences and weapons.

Project Root is set to release for PS Vita and PS4 on April 28th and TVL will be first on hand to give you all the latest new as and when we get it! In the mean time check out some new images below in the gallery.

  • Blatta

    Port of a mediocre pc shooter which i totally forgot. For an istant i was quite pumped up by the pics… oh well :/

    • Jabyar

      Did you played it Blatta??? There’s a demo on Steam, but I never tried the complete game.

      • Blatta

        Played just the demo and came away hardly impressed, it’s an okayish game, that tepid 6 in Steam is pretty much spot on.

    • Blatta

      Nothing wrong with ports (too many can start to grate though).
      I am a little concerned with ports of the wrong games, LOL.

      • Nobodyouknow3

        Even though people keep saying the Vita is dead many times since 2012 and it is still here? I do not even get why people say it will be discontinued when they are still making games for it, especially in Japan.

        It may seem like it is going discontinued in others stores in America but that doesn’t basically mean that it is dead… Get what I am saying?

        • Blatta

          Er, when did i give you the impression of criticizing the system? Actually, i love my PS Vita much, MUCH more than my 3DS.