An update detailing three facilities that players can use during their quest in Destroyer Trillion has been added to the game’s official site by developers Compile Heart.

In the game (known in Japan as Makai Shin Trillion) your mission is to take out the eponymous Trillion by reducing his one trillion (that’s 1,000,000,000,000) hit points down to zero!

The first of the three places for you to utilise is known as The Valley of the Thousand Blades – a training area which you can enter by using Training Medals, which are earned through great successes in training exercises. When in this dungeon you can earn Magic Seals which will be extremely useful if you wish to upgrade your weapons as well as finding other rare items and pieces of equipment as you traverse through this area.

Navigating this dungeon is done in a turn-based manner and even though it is a training area it is no walk in the park! There is a set amount of time that you can stay in this dungeon, with the time diminishing as you take your turns. The Experience Points available in this dungeon will be awarded you defeat the various demon beasts that lurk as you try to make your way through looking for the aforementioned items.

Next up we have the game’s Blacksmith – who you will visit should you wish to upgrade your weapons. There are two different types of upgrade on offer when you visit the Blacksmith, with standard upgrades available for cash fee that will offer you basic improvements. If you wish to add special properties to your weapons you will need to use the Magic Seals that we mentioned earlier. These special upgrades can be acquired providing your weapon of choice has an open slot in which the seal can be placed. Weapons can have up to eight slots for these Magic Seals – which can be unlocked by paying a fee that is dependant on the number of times you have used standard upgrades.

The official site for the game provides three examples of the upgrades that will be on offer when using a Magic Seal, which are as follows;

  • Ruler Seal – Each time a Booster Devil dies, the Demon Lord’s stats are increased.
  • Rupture Seal – Nullifies damage taken up to five times.
  • Expulsion Seal – Normal attacks can hit twice.

Last but not least is the Research Lab. This functions as an item shop which is run by a character named Faust, who is always working away producing new items that can be purchased in the store. As more breakthroughs are made in the research of Trillion, more items become available. You will also be able to sell items and old equipment in the Research Lab, alongside being able to hire Booster Devils to help you overcome the mighty Trillion.


Destroyer Trillion is set to release in Japan on May 21st, with no word on a Western release. As always, The Vita Lounge will keep you up to date with any news on the title – so be sure to keep a close eye on the site if this game grabs your interest!

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