The first game out of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia and Kadokawa Game’s collaboration project, Project Discover, has been released on the PSN Store in Japan for PlayStation Vita.

Daidai Daisuki, known as a “smart novel game,” is the first-born son of this project that aims to gather ideas by pro and amateur creators, and have it turned into a fully-fledged video game by Kadokawa Games. Think of it as high-quality user-generated content.

This game is about Riku Kagami and his relationship with a robot named Daidai, which takes place in a school that follows the Three Laws of Robotics. Here, humans and robots are taught equally.

Screens for the game can be seen here;

You’ll be able to play Daidai Daisuki in either “Game Mode,” where the game progresses like a visual novel. Or in “Novel Mode,” this is where the story will be told in novel format. No visuals here.

Daidai Daisuki will eat up 623 megabytes of your memory card.

  • jinter

    For some reason this made me think about liar-soft, I want to have a liar-soft game on the vita

  • Nonscpo

    The game gives me a PSM vibe for dome reason.