In-depth details on Kan Colle Kai’s game mechanics, pre-order bonus, and release editions have been revealed via screenshots released by Kadokawa Games.

You can read about it here;


The big hexagons are known as Silhouettes and the entire screen is the “Strategy Screen,” where you’ll be able to advance to the Admiral Room.


Since Kan Colle Kai is a turn-based game, this is screen where you’ll be able to use your commands, composing of “Sortie,” “End Turn,” and “Move.”


In this Modification Screen, you’ll be able to access the basic functions of your Kanmusume, and the icons at the top are “Fuel,” “Ammunition,” “Steel,” and “Bauxite.”


The Modification Screen is also where you will change your equipment. The Kanmusume equipment as seen in the middle right is under the following categories: “Main Armament,” “Torpedo,” “Machine Gun,” “Radar,” and “Hydroplane.”


Here you can deploy your “Sea Guard Units” to safeguard your “Transport Fleets” when between the sea and home ports.


As seen above, Kan Colle Kai’s pre-order bonus includes an original pouch. There will also be a limited edition that includes figures of Ooi and Kitakami by Medicchu, the pre-order bonus pouch, and other not-yet-revealed bonuses. The regular edition will retail for 5,800 yen while the limited edition will cost you 9,800 yen. Read more about Kan Colle Kai here.

Kan Colle Kai will be released this year on August 27th in Japan.