A new puzzle game was just announced for the PS Vita, and players won’t have to wait long to get their hands on it. Bloxiq is a cube-based puzzle game from Blot Interactive that tries to stand tall in a world filled with match-three games.

In Bloxiq you will twist and turn six different types of cubes to create a match and solve the puzzle. Each puzzle will have at least one intentional solution, with the possibility for a number of other solutions as well. The goal was to create puzzles that could be though through and didn’t have to rely on button mashing or luck.

Gameplay will feature a mix of touch-based controls as well as button presses. Justin Kwok from Blot Interactive said that the team was trying to create “some new ways to deal with touch controls and I think that you’ll find that it “feels” different and is more intuitive than other touch based games. In fact, one of our goals with Bloxiq was to try to create a game with touch controls that don’t suck.”

Bloxiq promises to be a challenging, head-scratcher of a puzzle that features 100 different puzzles across seven different worlds. Could it be the “Dark Souls” of puzzle games? It’s possible, but we’ll let you know once we’re able to get our hands on it.

It will be coming to the PS Vita on April 14 for $9.99. There’s no word yet on a European launch.