Release date, story details and first-print bonuses all revealed for upcoming Visual Novel/RPG sequel.

Developer AquaPlus certainly have been busy this week, not only confirming the release of Utawarerumono: False Mask for PS Vita, PS3 and PS4, but also given us details on the story and information on premium/first-print bonuses!

So we know that False Mask will be available for Sony platforms on September 24th in Japan, thanks to an article in last weeks Famitsu, which you can see below:


But we now also know what extra goodies gamers will get if they pick up a Premium Edition or pre-order a first-print copy of the game!

The Premium Edition will cost 9,800 yen (£55.25/$81.20) and includes:

  • Special Illustrated Packaging, Exclusive for the Premium Edition.
  • Art Book, containing initial concepts and rough drawings for each character.
  • Mini Soundtrack CD, featuring music from the game.
  • Add-on Character DLC Codes for four characters from ToHeart2. They will be for use as a combat unit in game and are:

– Tamaki Kousaka (Samurai Ver.)

– Sasara Kusugawa (Samurai Ver.)

– Tamaki Kousaga (Swimsuit Ver.)

– Sasara Kusugawa (Swimsuit Ver.)

 First-print bonuses will include:

  • Two Add-on Character DLC Codes for characters from ToHeart2.

– Tamaki Kousaka (Samurai Ver.)

– Sasara Kusugawa (Samurai Ver.)

The above will also be included as a bonus for the Download Version of the game for a limited time after release. This version will cost 6,000 yen (£33.83/$49.73) Both versions will also include an Event Application Ticket, and AquaPlus have promised to give us more information regarding this ticket nearer to the release date.

That is not all we were given! Famitsu also revealed details for the story’s set-up, which is detailed below:

When I came to, I was standing somewhere in the wilderness where the snow was falling.

I don’t know why I’m in a place like this.

Rather, my memory… I can’t remember what kind of person I am, or even my name.

I stood still, shocked at the situation.

But, as if to ridicule me, a giant bug-like “monster” suddenly attacked.

I was cornered as I desperately tried to escape. I was in an extremely dangerous situation.

But then a girl gallantly appeared.

Her name was Kuon, and this beautiful girl with animal-like ears and a tail, saved my life.

Which links on to our final piece of info, the introduction of two characters from the game. First up we have:



The hero of the story, Haku is rescued by Kuon. Having lost his memory, he is named Haku by Kuon. He does not remember who he was.



A doctor with animal-like ears and tail. Whilst on her travels, she comes across the hero.

 Quite a lot to take in, but you can bet that TVL will be on hand to give you all the latest news of False Mask, as we head ever nearer to the release date!

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