Have you been following the progress of Home? We first told you about it a year ago and if you have been eager to get this game into your hands, the wait is almost over!

Developer Benjamin Rivers acknowledged the excessive delay on the PlayStation Blog and confirmed that the game will be out next week, with cross buy and a 50% discount for those with PlayStation Plus, at least for the first week.

Not familiar with Home? It’s a horror-themed adventure, and you wake up in a dark, dusty house that isn’t yours, with a pain in your leg and a desperate need to make sure your wife is okay. Benjamin says that Home is a unique experience — there’s no inventory, no combat, and no death. It’s a narrative-focused game you get sucked into and just play.


He goes on to explain:
“This is one murder mystery where very key details of the plot, and the outcome, are entirely up to the player. It’s not that the game features simple binary choices and a good ending or bad ending — it pays attention to you and your decisions, and as you play, the story unfolds according to your actions. What you learn by the end will be far more nuanced than you might expect. And, as with a real mystery, you might not get all the answers, which is why Home players often run through the game more than once.

More importantly, however; it’s a game people enjoy talking about and comparing notes on. And ever since the game’s original release, I’ve allowed players to share their stories with me — I’ve collected some pretty interesting theories out there, including many I wish I’d thought of myself. You can see some of them and contribute your own here — but don’t do so until you’ve finished the game, or you’ll ruin everything for yourself.”

We will bring you more news and hopefully a review soon. Are you looking forward to Home, or looking for a new horror title for your Vita? Get us know in the comments, and to get a better idea of what to expect here is the launch trailer for the original PC version.

  • Matthew Klassen

    I’ve had this on my vita and ps4 since last November…

  • Might want to clarify its heading to your neck of the woods :). Just got this game for the vita from a psn sale a few weeks ago.

  • Lester Paredes

    I’ve had this game for quite a while. I didn’t realize it hadn’t released for other territories yet.

    • Ichigo Yoite

      so is it recommendable? 🙂 I think it sounds quite good and I’m thinking about getting it actually

      • Lester Paredes

        I thought it was good. It’s more an experience than a game. Also, it’s not very long, the whole thing is best done in an hour or so long sit down with headphones. Depending on your choices and how you play, it could be a little longer or shorter.