If, like us, you have been enviously casting a gaze at other systems as they received Resident Evil Revelations 2 then this post may or may not cheer you up. After hearing precious little on the development for the Vita version, Gio Corsi from SCEA’s Third Party Productions explained a little more on the PlayStation Blog.

Following the release of the final episode on Playstation consoles, the entire code is now available to be ported and that responsibility falls to the talented team at Frima Studio, whose previous Vita work includes Nun Attack and Zombie Tycoon 2.

Gio explains in the post:
“The incredibly passionate team at Frima Studio is knee-deep in production of this title for our favourite little handheld.

While we get closer to locking down the PS Vita-specific gameplay and features, we will update you all again with a firm release date. But for now, I am just saying “coming digitally this summer.””

Gio confirms that The PS Vita version of Resident Evil Revelations 2 will contain all four episodes of Capcom’s scarefest, including any released DLC (minus consumables) thus far. As for Raid Mode, single-player will also be included at launch, but online co-op Raid Mode and the ad-hoc modes will most likely come post-launch via an update. This is so we can get the full game into your hands that much sooner. Finally, we’ve added Gyroscopic Targeting to make shooting weapons that much more Vita-centric.

He says that he will confirm a more exact date soon, and there is no news on a retail release at this time.

What do you make of the news? Does it allay any concerns for you or raise more questions than it answers? Let us know in the comments!

  • Lester Paredes

    I was okay with it all until I read “digital”. Now, I’m not a stickler for preferring physical over digital, but I know that a lot of people out in Vita land don’t have a lot of retail space on their rather expensive memory cards, and I expect this game to leave a sizable footprint. Releasing, even just a small run of “special edition” or even a stupid “Gamestop exclusive” of physical would increase the sales.
    Please, Sony, let it come physically in a box, too. And not MLB the Show 2015 style where you get a box that has a download voucher on it. That’s just rubbing salt into the wound…

    • Buckybuckster

      Oh yes, the Minecraft effect! I absolutely hate that! Maybe Sony will learn one day…..maybe. If I’m not mistaken, Ubi just shipped out some NA Vita physical Child of Light games, so anything is possible I suppose.

      • Lester Paredes

        Yeah, I saw that. Now I wish I waited on getting that game. Lol

  • Mauricio Quintero

    I trully hope it won’t get cancelled.

  • Chizu

    *gyroscopic aiming*
    yaaay………. 😐
    Not adding unnecessary features no one will use as they will no doubt be awful might get it out quicker


  • Jam Chua

    this is great news but i’m still waiting for that monster hunter frontier english port for the vita.

  • gamezalv

    “…but online co-op Raid Mode and the ad-hoc modes will most likely come post-launch via an update.” Not quite optimistic for it. After all I’m still waiting for the remaining borderlands 2 dlc…hopefully these features don’t get cancelled.