UPDATE: It has since been confirmed that the game will be released in Autumn in Europe courtesy of NISA.

Atlus USA have announced that it is bringing Japanese dungeon RPG Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal to the west this summer.

Originally launching on the PSP in March 2014 in Japan, it was ported to Japanese Vita’s in September, but now we can confirm that it will indeed be localised and release in the USA soon.

The official synopsis can be read below;

The kingdom of Romulea is in peril. Monsters are leaking out of every nook and cranny in the land, and to make matters worse, they have started an uprising against humanity. Players take on the role of Fried, an adventurer from the Royal Library sent to stop the uprising. But early in his journey, he discovers a broken shrine along the way. This sets in motion the story of Dungeon Travelers 2, where Fried travels around the kingdom of Romulea, and through rescuing, defeating, or bumping into any of the 16 unique girls that can join his party, Fried is on a mission to save the world!

Atlus have said very little in regards to what kinds of censorship we’ll see in the localised version of the game, but this is a title from developer Aquaplus’ ToHeart series, which has been known to feature risqué imagery and themes.

Make sure you check out the first batch of localised screenshots below, and make sure you let us know in the comments your thoughts on this announcement.

  • Nonscpo

    Just glad to know its coming >_<

  • EndRant

    This is awesome. Day one for me.

  • Ichigo Yoite

    image could not be loaded 🙁 But I’m also glad that we are getting this!

    • Liam Langan

      My apologies on that, it has now been fixed.

  • Zero Eternity

    Its localizations like this that make me love owning a Vita currently. That and Toukiden. Now if they could just localize Fate/Extra CCC then I’d be happy for the rest of the year.

  • EndRant

    Hope this sells well, I want ToHeart2 get localized also.

  • shoriko

    liam lagan can you help me? i am looking for info on if these games are being ported to the playstation vita but i do not know who to ask on what website : ゆきこいめると ,ちぇ~んじ! ~あの娘になってクンクンペロペロ~ , 炎の孕ませ“わんぱく”おっぱいお嬢さま学園~「昔の姿」になって女湯フリーパス!スカートめくり放題!いたずら中出し・孕ませ天国!~ , 炎の孕ませ乳ドルマイ★スター学園Z 初回生産限定 , 炎の孕ませもっと!発育っ!身体測定2, 炎の孕ませおっぱい乳同級生~おっぱいも孕ませ! 乳(new)クラス全員孕まセンセーション!~ , 炎の孕ませ俺の嫁 おっぱい乳双+ ~エクストリームに発育中なおっぱい幼なじみに毎日中出し&おっぱい身体測定!~ , 炎の孕ませおっぱい身体測定~幼なじみ女子校生身体測定で全員中出しパラダイス!~ , ぱいタッチ! , 学園☆新選組!~乙女ゴコロと局中法度~ , 遊撃警艦パトベセル~こちら首都圏上空青空署~ , メイドさんと大きな剣 ,
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    if you are able to can you contact may-be soft , SQUEEZ soft , and frontwing companies to say that there is more desire for playstation vita ports of their erotic visual novels?

    i want to but i do not know how to and i am not goos at japanese so that is why i am asking you and hoping you can help me.

    i really badly want to buy playstation vita m mature rated/cero d or rated teen / cero c versions of these games i have listed above

    thank you for the info you provide here.

  • shoriko

    i am also a huge fan of the artist yuibi from squeez and akaza from may be soft/giza10 and nanaka mai from frontwing so i would love to be able to play games on my vita with these artists character designs , just like tsunako from date a live/hyperdimension neptunia and himukai from etrian odyssey and mota from 7th dragon/sorcery saga/dragons dogma/moe moe daisensou gendaiban ++

    i am new to the vita and visual novels but i am showing more intrest into them especially from these artists and i have noticed that i did not see any vita visual novel ports of any squeez or maybe soft games but i have seen squeez hentai anime ova and i am looking forward to the 炎の孕ませ乳ドルマイ★スター学園Z the animation by pinkpineapple erotic animation company as they animated a few 炎の孕ませ乳 games back in 2008 , the designs for the 炎の孕ませ乳ドルマイ★スター学園Z hentai anime ova is faithfull to the hcg of the game to the point that i though yuibi was drawing the art for the anime as well as the game that came out before the anime!

    i really want to support these visual novel companies by buying their games on systems that i can play them on like how i am able to support giza10 by buying i am a girl manga artist for psp. akaza artwork in that game is wonderful as always and it is even more refined in the pc version of the game as this game came out on psp before the pc.

    i try looking in famitsu for any news or pictures related to these compines and these games but because my japanese is not so good i do not find any results and also i am still new to thaat site so i do not know where to go on that website to find what i want to look up and i can not type japanese characters so the search results are not very useful for me unless i am looking for a game that the name is in english.

    is the touhou mystery dungeon playstation vita game coming out at the end of june this year going to be available physcially on websites like playasia or other import shops? i like mystery dungeon games and touhou , so i want to know my options on buysing this game physical cart only. also i am aware that this touhou vit game will be sold physical copies at doujin shops , but what doujin shops are they? do they deliver overseas? can i order this game from them over the phone or special order them through an import shop? i really do not want to miss out on this game just because i do not live in japan or near a doujinshi shop….

    i am curious about the senran kagura estival versus and the physcial version of japanese dekamori/bon appetit senran kagura games does the preorder bonus apply to only those who bought it on day one? because i reserved my games last summer in august the store held on to my order for me for a few months after game release. i could not buy them until a few weeks for estival versus and 2 and a half months for dekamori and yet i got no preorder bonus , not even a trading card! are these bonuses only to preordering them from the japanese online shops and not import shops that are in the united states? when i got shinovi versus in japanese i got a yumi trading card….

    thank you for your info and help , Liam Langan!