Yacht Club Games have given us further details on the PlayStation exclusive Kratos boss fight that will feature in Shovel Knight.

Announced back in December at PlayStation Experience, we got our first look at the exclusive content, but now we have more details on how the battle will take place.

Yacht Club Games decided to add Kratos in Shovel Knight to help celebrate the 10th anniversary of the God of War franchise, as well as the fact that he just seemed to fit in well with the game. Check out some of the details from the PlayStation Blog post below;

Shovel Knight’s adventure is tied together with a sprawling overworld map filled with secrets, bonuses, and wandering combatants who’re just waiting to take on the Blue Burrower. Kratos, who is travelling through these lands, is perhaps Shovel Knight’s most ferocious opponent yet!

However, you can’t just run into Kratos by chance. He’s very tricky to find! Keep your eye out for secrets… and possibly even double secrets, to learn how to discover this battle. Once you figure it out, he’ll appear on the world map.


Kratos can be a challenging fight because he’s aggressive and tenacious, just like in the God of War games. Using his Blades of Chaos, he really knows how to whip poor Shovel Knight around!

The battle is amped up, befitting the over-the-top nature of God of War. It’s thrilling and exciting, blood-pumping and challenging! But most of all, it has that fun factor, and that humor and levity that you’d expect from Shovel Knight. After all, It’s about time Kratos had his 8-bit debut!

The gameplay and visuals aren’t all that matter though. Here’s a little taste of the God of War theme… turned 8-bit!

But there’s more than just a battle! Maybe Shovel Knight learns a trick or two from Kratos… but we’ve shared enough for now. You’ll just have to play the game to find out what!

It was truly a pleasure to work with Sony Santa Monica. They are one of the best studios in the world. We’ve created something truly awesome together, and couldn’t be more proud to be a part of God of War’s amazing history. We hope you all have a ton of fun fighting Kratos in Shovel Knight on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

Also included in the blog post were some animated images of the battle taking place, check them out below;

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You can beat Kratos up with a shovel when Shovel Knight launches on PlayStation Vita next week, let us know in the comments if you’re looking forward to it and make sure to keep your eyes peeled on The Vita Lounge over the coming weeks for our review.


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    Give me now! Rug! The wait is unbearable!

  • Wert

    Wow, those Gifs…
    The game is going to look amazing on the Vita screen.

  • yeah, these 16bit-style games are looking great on the Oled-Screen…was playing Axiom Verge via Remote Play…it looked awesome…can´t wait for the Vita-Version!!!

    • Wert

      Yeah, I really can’t wait for Axiom, I’ve had my eye on that for a long time now.
      Amazing that it’s possible for one guy to make and get a game like that published by himself.

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    That is sooo cool

  • Buckybuckster

    Sweet! Some very nice animation on display. Nice chiptune too!

  • Sadiejones33

    Have not played it – but heard the hype. Can’t wait to try it myself

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    This month has been too much for my wallet, and I’m not even angry