Update 3.50 was released at the end of March to much fanfare. Among the changes it brought were improvements to Remote Play and accessibility features that would allow users to re-map the button functions. The update also infamously removed a number of features surrounding Maps and Near. It now appears as though there is an upside to the loss of those features.

At the Unite Tokyo 15 event in Japan, it was revealed that update 3.50 now allows developers access to 30% memory. Sony wasn’t specific as to how this extra memory was freed up, but speculation can conclude that the removal of Maps and Near functionality had a part to play. There is also speculation that Sony had always been holding back some memory for the operating system in order to future proof it, and that much of that memory has now been made available to developers.

It’s not clear just yet how this additional 30% will effect future game development, or how it will effect the performance of games already released. Hopefully these back-end improvements to the system will provide a better, smoother experience for everyone.

  • SarcasticPersona

    I’m a bit confused as to what the extra memory does for developers and what not.

    • More room for textures, models or processing most likely. If I had to guess it might improve remote play and or ps now giving the streaming more room to buffer. Probably can expect more ps2/ps3 ports too.

  • Patrick Wilson Vetsch

    good thing too happen, but would have benefited AA games more. Gravity Daze 2 better come and take advantage of this, hey and sony tell bend that e´when they re dóne with their ps4 project the vita is waiting for a new uncharted

  • Nonscpo

    Wonder if they’ll patch up old games to take advantage of this extra memory.

  • Ali Johnson

    all what i have seen from the new update is incredible frame rate drops and system lacks but ohh hey thanks anyway its not the first time sony