Compile Heart has announced that its latest dungeon RPG Moe Chronicle (Genkai Tokki Moero Chronicle in Japan) will be seeing an English language release in Asian territories come May 5th.

There had been speculation that this title was going to see an English Asian release after being listed on import sites such as Play Asia, but Compile Heart had been silent regarding the English version – until now. The Asian region release of Moe Chronicle will contain Chinese and English subtitles, though Compile Heart has maintained that the title will stay true to its Japanese counterpart and be completely uncensored.

While the game is releasing in English, there is still no word on a localization for the West. That said, stay tuned to The Vita Lounge if you’re interested as I will be reviewing this title next month.

Will you be buying this “rubbing, pinching, panty-wearing RPG”? For more info on Moe Chronicle, check out our past articles here.

  • Lester Paredes

    I probably won’t play it, unless it turns out to be a good game.

    • Nonscpo

      Or unless its on sale!

      • Lester Paredes

        A very good sale.

        Or just some very good ecchi. Lol

  • Chizu

    Was thinking of importing this. Dont care if it gets a western release if they do to it what

    they did to its predecessor. Monpiece was so horribly censored.

    • Zero Eternity

      So true. After getting it on sale I actually thought the combat system of the game was pretty decent. Censoring the game probably killed more sales than anything. Though I just thought of a way the companies and players could both get what they want by releasing an uncensored version of a game for $10 or so depending on the game. ($5 for a game like monpiece, it was a digital card game afterall.)

      They already do this for eroges and visual novels by having an All Ages version and an Uncensored version. So going the next step in progress shouldn’t be too hard of a legal battle.

  • Cecil Strider

    Hopefully going to get it eventually. Even if it gets a western release, I’m still going to import so i don’t have to put up with that censorship bullshit.

  • Ichigo Yoite

    Importing it and its great to finally know when it will be shipped. Looking forward to the review!

  • XtemmA2

    Gonna import this one as a way of saying; F U censorship.