Do you own Citizen’s of Earth? Frustrated with some of the little niggles that the game has? Today could be your lucky day as a new patch is available for the colourful RPG title.

Weighing in at 1735 MB the patch notes available on the title’s Facebook page are:

Minor bug fixes:

  • Crash/stability fixes
  • Reduced encounters in Casino Canyon
  • Added checkpoint in Casino Canyon
  • Added Retro soundtrack

PS Vita Specific:

  • ¬†Added Remote Play support
  • Added Cross-Save support
  • Added PS TV support

Citizens of Earth Patch notes

Here are some additional bug fix details:

  • Default title screen focus to “continue” button
  • Can now skip item drop message during battle
  • Fixed crash if regroup was used during some boss battles
  • Fixed crash if multiple citizens finish school at the same time (though there seem to be some reports that this may still exist in some form…possibly just if the old save data had this ready to go and then the patch was applied though)
  • Fixed lockup if the player interacted with an object and was attacked at the same time
  • Fixed progression blocker if the pilot was used to enter the capital building grounds during Chapter 2
  • Fixed some text not appearing if text speed was set to instant
  • Fixed lockup in used car salesman race if multiple cars were hit at the same time
  • Fixed crash in yoga instructor’s help screen if language was set to Spanish
  • Many New Game+ scripting fixes
  • And many more!

Does this rectify any issue you have been experiencing, or is it enough to entice you back to play?

  • PizzaSlapper

    1.7gb…. 1.7GB?!?!?! I think even the game is smaller than the actual patch? How is this acceptable?! It doesn’t even add that much. At least not enough to rectify a whole 1.7gb patch!

    • Buckybuckster

      Kinda scary when the file to fix the games issues ends up being larger than the original game itself!

  • Lester Paredes

    Wow, that’s a big update. I haven’t gotten around to this game just yet. Been playing Toukiden. And I just got MKX, so it might be a while.