Don’t forget to make a note of this unforgettable Visual Novel!

Developer Idea Factory have revealed that their latest Visual Novel, Amnesia: Memories will be arriving in the west this August. The announcement was made during the developers debut press event, and we have also been treated to a new trailer which you can watch below!:

Amnesia: Memories is in the Otome genre, meaning that it is primarily aimed at a female audience. The heroine of the game, as its title suggests, has lost all her memories and has no idea who she is. Your life depends on keeping your bout of Amnesia a secret, whilst at the same time navigating relationships with five men. Along for the journey is a spirit named Orion, who will assist in your quest to find your lost memories.

Though we do not have a final release date for Amnesia: Memories, we can expect it this August on PS Vita and PC. Keep checking back to TVL for all the latest news on Amnesia and its western release.