Details on the games platforms are still to be revealed.

Developer Nippon Ichi Software have been teasing us with a new title countdown website, and we now know what the mysterious game will be. Unfortunately the anticipation of the reveal was all but extinguished thanks to the extraction of the image below, which was taken from the main.swf file that powered the countdown.


The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival is the name, and will potentially be an extended version of 2013 title simply named The Witch and the Hundred Knight originally released for PS3.

The original game is a hack ‘n’ slash RPG, which follows two witches – the beautiful marsh witch¬†Metallia and the ugly forest witch Malia. Embroiled in a century-long conflict, Metallia wants to cover the world in swamp, whereas Malia wants to protect the forest from noxious fumes of a nearby swamp. Everything changes however, when Metallia finds a legendary soldier slumbering in the depths of the darkness…

Now that the game has officially been revealed, we have been treated to… yet another countdown timer. Luckily it has been announced that first details for the game will be leaked tomorrow with the release of this Dengeki PlayStation.

Although no official platform has been unveiled, Nippon Ichi Software have previously stated that their next title would more than likely be released on PS Vita or PS4. We await further information tomorrow.

  • Dmitry Rublev

    only for PS4